Concerning UNICEF I have done a variety of projets.


  • I have been part of a Junior Ambassador Group
  • I have donated to numerous causes
    • This involves money for Emergency Cases
      • Examples are: Haiti
      • Chile
      • Japan
      • Pakistan
      • And many more...
    • Selected Items such as food, water, medicaments or school supplies
  • I have sent cards to children affected by the Beslan School Tragedy
  • Raising awareness
    • This Web-Page
    • In School
      • Assemblies
      • Presentation


The most recent project was an interview with UNICEF on the Marienplatz, to raise awarness about the "World Childrens Day," which is on the 20th of Semptember every year. UNICEF uses this opertunity to raise awareness about their projects and to collect donations.


These are just a few. Even more project are being planned at the moment.


Below you see an advertisement for the UNICEF-Fördermitglied. This means you donate, a by you specified amount, every month.

UNICEF Interview
UNICEF Interview