Local Help

Locally I help in four major areas.

  • The Starnberger Tafel, of which a picture is seen below:
    • It takes place every Thursday
    • It involves collecting overdue food, which actually is still good for another week or so
    • Bringing it to a meeting point
    • Sorting out the food and setting it up in categories like meat, vegetables, yoghurt, etc.
    • Finally handing the food out to poor people who cannot afford to buy it themselves
    • This does not cost anything for the poor people
  • The second area is being part of the youth group of the Freiwillige Feuerwehr Berg
    • This is a group of people who want to help at the fire department honorarily
    • It involves theory and practice lesson
    • In addition to the actual emergency situations
  • Thirdly I support out local Plant For The Planet ¬†group by planting trees and raising money.
  • Then there are other projects I do, which are in a smaller scale. These include:
    • Helping at an old peoples home
    • Generally supporting elderly people
    • Garbage collection
    • Or many other events
The Starnberger Tafel
The Starnberger Tafel