Welcome to 'Helping the People'

Here you can get inspired about how to help others. Social work is very important to keep a community or even the world together. Everyone has a hard times at some point and then they need help. The people of Haiti or Chile would not have survived after their respective natural disasters if health and honorary help organizations would not have been involved in the aftermath.


Even you can help. Of course donating money is a vital part of the system, however being involved oneself gives life a totally different perspective. Not just the people in need feel a difference but you yourself as well. This mainly involves medical or social help at the area in need. However there is an enormous organizational network behind this. Even helping to raise awareness makes a difference. Every positive initiative helps in creating a better place to live.


Help the people of this world and give everyone a better life!


- LUIS -



Two quotes from ME:


"Don't just look, HELP!"


"Help somebody and somebody will help you."